Frequently Asked Questions


Why do we need herbs in our daily diet?

All plants offer different nutrients that benefit our health.   The more variety we get, the better off we are.   Yujia helps us access a wider variety of plant foods by bringing us a purposely-crafted selection of superior and adaptogenic herbs in a ready-to-drink tea.


Are naturally brewed herbs more effective than herbal extracts?

While herbal extracts single out ‘active’ ingredients, brewing whole herbs conserves a full spectrum of the herb’s phytonutrients in the ratios that nature intended.   The presence of all of a plant’s primary and complementary components is believed to increase efficacy (our ability to use the nutrients we take in) and contribute to their overall effectiveness.


Are herbs as good for us as traditional medicines would have us believe?

Traditional and modern evidence suggest that some herbs and other plant foods may have exceptional antioxidant, immune-enhancing, and adaptogenic capacities.   However, if these plants had only common health capacities, they would still add a wealth of diverse nutrients to our diets.


What inspired Yujia?

The idea that being well nourished shouldn’t be difficult.