A Different League of Nutrition


A product of this caliber must be carefully crafted.   Drawing on the very best of nature, ancient health traditions, and modern understanding, Yujia excels at delivering higher quality nutrition for higher quality lives.



Better Ingredients


Throughout history, herbs with exceptional qualities have been reserved for the elite.   Long ago, ancient Indian and Chinese health practitioners categorized herbs that could be used safely over a long period of time to promote health in the sick and in the healthy as ‘superior’ herbs.   Herbs with similar qualities were categorized as adaptogens by Russian scientists as they screened plants during the 1940’s.   Due to their expense, both superior herbs and adaptogens were mainly reserved for use by the elite such as the ruling emperors’ of India and China or the Olympic athletes, ballet dancers, cosmonauts, chess players, and high-level government officials of Russia.   We are proud to be offering this exclusive class of herbs to our community.


Better Quality


Choosing better ingredients is only half of the battle.   We must also make sure that we are getting high quality, natural sources of these ingredients.


Because these ingredients are expensive, most beverage companies cut costs by using cheaper materials.   However, Yujia was designed with the belief that our bodies and our health should be our foremost priority.


Better Design


Whole plant foods are regarded as an essential part of a healthy diet for good reason.   The combination of nutrients provided in whole fruits, vegetables, and herbs have synergistic attributes which enable us to absorb their nutrients much more readily than unnatural sources.


Many herbal products are made with chemically processed extracts.   But Yujia is a real herbal tea.   It’s made with premium whole herbs that are naturally brewed into a tea.   By conserving a full spectrum of herbal nutrients in the ratios nature intended, Yujia can give us greater access to their natural benefits.